Process and Dashboard Building

Accurate Data Delivered When You Need It

In order to make sound decisions, you need accurate and reliable data delivered expediently. One of American Process Management’s core values is responsibility to innovate, and this means we proactively look for opportunities to improve process efficiency in all projects we touch. APM focuses on developing intuitive processes, improving communication, and ensuring data consistency and transparency.

That’s what makes APM different, and it’s why our clients love our results — because we help you get your data, processes, and people working together toward a common goal.

APM offers Process Development and Dashboard Building services in both a managed solution and staff augmentation capacity.

Process Development

Our goal in developing a new process is to automate workflow until a decision needs to be made. We build audit-proof, database-driven processes to streamline workflows, minimize human-error, and create transparency with automated reporting.

With APM, we see the big picture where user workflows and bottlenecks are just as important as the dataset. We standardize and integrate data to improve communication and visibility, which in turn, provides your team with more bandwidth to analyze data, make sound decisions, and take on additional responsibilities.

Dashboard Building

Finding valuable insights in a flood of data can be challenging. American Process Management brings expertise to refine your data and unearth vital insights. Our analysts are technical experts at managing data and building reports — but what sets APM apart is our ability to understand your business and identify the information that drives successful decisions.

We gather, clean, and organize data to leverage business intelligence that drives successful decision making. APM builds dashboards utilizing Tableau, Power BI, SSRS, and custom applications to create transparency within corporate, program, and project operations.