Program Analytics Manager, Operations Research (Full-time)

Job Responsibilities

  • Assist managers with effective data-driven operational decisions
  • Help in developing internal products and procedures to support project reporting, decision-making, and strategy formulation in construction, engineering, and manufacturing industries
  • Provide accurate tracking and reporting of project progress and performance data
  • Interface with external groups, including engineering and management to assist with calculating value realization and execute change management measures
  • Participate in technical product development for enterprise level technical applications to support project control efforts in large-scale construction, engineering and manufacturing endeavors
  • Provide project data analytics and reporting by using systems management and integration methodologies, data mining and predictive analytics to analyze and understand project complexities, relationships and dependencies
  • Provide clear understanding of financial and schedule risk to help managers and executives with decision-making; and maintain knowledge of current developments in the industry and field. 

Basic Qualifications

A master’s degree in systems engineering and management, operations research or engineering is required.

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