APM delivers real-time operational transparency at the click of a button.

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We believe that you should be able to interactively view and shape data to successfully manage a project. The problem is that data comes from multiple sources, and enterprise level reports are often limiting. APM gives you the ability to transform and map your data in real-time to view your project status and trends.

APM Analytics Services

APM has helped Fortune 500 companies tackle their largest and most challenging projects since 2016.


APM builds dashboards utilizing Tableau, Power BI, SSRS and custom applications to bring clarity and transparency to your corporate, program, and project operations.

Process building

We build audit-proof, database-driven processes to streamline workflows, minimize human-error and create transparency with automated reporting.

Data Analytics

We’re experts at understanding the “why” behind the numbers and extracting large data sets from multiple sources to deliver clear insights to your trajectory and trends.
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Success Stories

New Process Ensures New Scope is Properly Accounted For

We built a system to clearly show the impact change orders have on quantity and labor projections. This provides the project team with transparency to pending, approved, and completed change orders.

More Success Stories Respecting the privacy of our clients is a non-negotiable value of APM.