About Us

Launched in 2016, American Process Management provides transparency and increased efficiency to the operations of corporations, teams and projects.

Project Controls + Data Science

At American Process Management, we work differently than our competitors — and it’s our differentiators that create the most value for our clients and our team.

We combine project controls and data science skillsets to create real-time analytics so you can make informed decisions and reduce risk.

Data Science is now a fundamental skillset for project controls. Our team has a unique balance of construction, manufacturing, and data science experience.

APM specializes in taking volumes of complex datasets and transforming them into intuitive and easily accessible project intelligence. We’re incredibly detail-oriented. We focus on the story behind the numbers to create an accurate picture of your progress, variances, and trajectory.

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From the project site to the corporate office

With our focus on process and data, it did not take long for our services to transition from the project site to also supporting corporate operations. Today, 40% of our operation involves building processes, developing dashboards, and providing data analytics and data science support.

What We Do

A Culture of Continuing Education, Stellar Customer Service, and Inclusion

At APM, we are committed to continuous training. Our staff adapts to each client’s unique procedures, but they also have training and best practices standards that we insist upon, and that each staff member is dedicated to. We focus on professionalism in every aspect of our business, from providing clear written and verbal communication to addressing each customer’s unique needs in every instance. 

APM also embraces a culture of inclusion, hiring team members who are intelligent, creative, diligent, humble, and willing to listen. We believe in openness to diverse views, because a team is most effective when its members represent different backgrounds, experiences, and strengths. Our employees know they are valued and that their unique perspectives are heard.

Core Values

Equality of Process and Goal

Professional and Customer Focused

Clear and Effective Communication

Commitment to Diversity

Be Your Brothers’ / Sisters’ Keeper

Responsibility to Innovate